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The Truth About Magic

Richard Smoley

Magic, the occult, the mystical―is there anything behind those words? If there is, is it anything beyond horror-movie clichés? People the world over have always known and interacted with these hidden forces. But in our culture, there are very few ways to sort out truth from nonsense. 
In this video series, Richard Smoley, an expert on the occult, delves into the world of mind power, magic, suggestion, and the realms of the unseen. He speaks simply and clearly, in common-sense terms, about these mysterious forces, how they can work for you, and what you need to avoid. This trip through unseen worlds could be most exciting adventure of your life, and possibly the most important.

Living Your Audacious Purpose: Create a Life That Thrills You

Judy Morley

You're not meant to be bored, disengaged, and depressed. Almost all of it comes from a lack of feeling purposeful. You're meant to have an AUDACIOUS life that gets you into the joy of your experience every day. Open your mind and open your eyes to all the possibilities of creating a life that thrills you.

Judy Morley is a nationally recognized motivational and business speaker whose primary topics are purposeful leadership, emotional intelligence, and thinking BIG! 


Mitch Horowitz: Master Class Series

Mitch Horowitz presents Five Lectures on the topics that interest you most.

PEN Award-winning historian and popular New Thought voice Mitch Horowitz dives deep in five lectures and Q&A sessions in work that can change your life:

The Miracle of a Definite Chief Aim, The Million-Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind, Think and Grow Rich, The Miracle Club, and Depression and Metaphysics.


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Master Mind Course

A Five-Part Video Course on Joseph Murphy’s Landmark Program of Self-Empowerment with Mitch Horowitz

PEN Award-winning historian and popular New Thought voice Mitch Horowitz explores the most effective insights and methods behind Joseph Murphy’s worldwide classic. Mitch demonstrates exactly how to use Murphy’s meditations and steps, how to vault past blocks, and explains the mechanics behind why his techniques work. You will approach Murphy’s mind-power landmark from a fresh perspective—and gain a whole new sense of the epic potential within you.


The Magic of Believing: Master Mind Course

A Five-Part Video Course on Claude M. Bristol’s Masterwork of Mind Power with Mitch Horowitz

PEN Award-winning historian and popular New Thought voice Mitch Horowitz teaches an unparalleled master class on how to harness and maximize the tools of The Magic of Believing,

One of the most effective works of mind-power ever written. Mitch explores how to effectively program your mind, the links between performance and self-image how to use them, why writing down symbols, aims, and wishes contains a unique power, how to develop charisma, and the correspondences between current ESP research and Bristol’s ideas.

In just five video lessons you will discover unseen folds within Bristol’s classic and the pathway to a new life.


Living in Flow Course

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Rediscover your own power to make positive change by neutralizing your fear and gaining access to “the whole you.” Sky has created a cutting edge scientific approach to being in flow and working with synchronicity which is current and relevant for your world. His book, Living in Flow, and the accompanying Living in Flow Course Membership, helps you reach your next level of capacity, all in the context of greater self-compassion and harmony.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a physics educator, author and musical performer. His writing and teaching uncovers the potential science of synchronicity and flow. Sky helps individuals and organizations live in flow, transforming the world from the inside out.


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