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UThriveHere.com: The goal of UThriveHere.com is to have a major hub on the internet that presents the best instructors creating premium courses available on self-development, motivation, and creativity.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the most outstanding education to help you develop the knowledge and skills you want and need to create a ‘life worth living’ and excel in your life goals.

Our mantra is:

Learn. Be. Grow. Create. U Thrive Here.

Founder: Jim Lefter is a television, video, and premium online video course producer and is the owner of UThriveHere.com. He has experience in cable, broadcast, digital streaming and online production.


Jim was the Founder/Executive Producer of the New Thought Channel - a streaming and online TV channel dedicated to open spirituality, empowerment and positive conscious media - which aired on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, on dedicated apps for mobile devices and online.  After launching the channel, he oversaw acquisitions, production and post-production. Among the more than 1800 episodes of programming Jim brought to the channel, he produced popular and highly praised series including 'One Simple Idea', 'The Master Class Series with Mitch Horowitz', and 'The Art of You', featuring notable figures like Deepak Chopra, Paul Selig, Kate Jegede, and May McCarthy.

Through his boutique publishing company, Millington House Publishing (as part of Cosmic Stuff Media), he was honored to work with several best-selling authors, including Mary Jo Putney, Susan Fraser King, and Patricia Rice.

 Jim was an award-winning Senior Producer/Editor with Discovery Networks and TLC. Audiences met him on screen as both a producer and on-camera talent on A&E’s 'Random 1' and the related film ‘Lost in Woonsocket,’ which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)  and in select theaters. 

 Jim has been a TV and Content Producer since the age of 11 (in his mind) when his childhood heroes were media gurus like Brandon Tartikoff and Tom Shales. 

He lives with his wonderful wife and son, plus a dog who doesn't play fetch and a cat who does.

"I have worked with Jim Lefter for years as a producer and content creator and found him unfailingly thoughtful, inventive, solution-oriented, and always calm in the storm. He's one of today's best hands at television production, and a great and supportive colleague. "

Mitch Horowitz
Penn-Award Winning Author, Historian

"Jim is an intelligent and incredibly innovative media creation Pro, with the ability to be both empathetic as a detailed documentarian and versatile as a trainer and communicator. He is also a resourceful, well-researched, and incredibly efficient story-teller. While working closely with Jim at Discovery Communications, I observed Jim’s awesome media acuity and ability to engage audiences. Jim works well across media platforms, from conceptualization to final output and keeps his cool throughout the process. His substantial body of work demonstrates his abilities and skills."

Theodore Smith
Senior Operations Manager - TeamPeople / National Geographic

"Jim Lefter has overseen several projects for me over the years, including creating book trailer videos, formatting and producing e-books, generating website and social media content, and more. He is a creative thinker who brings fresh ideas, technical facility, and great instincts to the table, and his amiable, flexible approach ensures that the client is happy with the result. When I take something to Jim Lefter, I know my ideas will be respected and understood, and what he creates will exceed expectations."

Susan Fraser King
Bestselling Multi-Published Author

"Jim is a terrific content producer. I always looked forward to working with him as an editor for Discovery’s various television networks as not only did Jim bring a high level of quality and confidence to the table, but he was always encouraging ideas and input into the projects from me and others. Following Jim’s vision and bringing it all to fruition was a joy each and every time. I highly recommend Jim Lefter!"

Paul Markey
Senior Editor, Discovery Networks

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