You have the opportunity to create your very own Premium Online Course through the services that provides.

Why Create an online course?

For authors, speakers, coaches and subject matter experts, the struggle is real. You can only make so many speaking engagements. You can only serve so many clients in person. You can only teach so many workshops. Reaching and cultivating new clients is a huge demand on your time - time you could be spending writing, developing new content, or keeping your expertise current.

Creating a premium 24/7 online video course enhances your following, strengthens your reputation, and diversifies your offerings with a product that can develop into an ongoing passive income source, while truly supporting your students and clients.
But, in a market flooded with amateur 'experts' and low-quality content, you have to do it right - in a professional, quality form so that you can charge premium prices and serve your audience well.

You're busy developing and presenting yourself and your work as an expert in your field, you don't have time to become an expert in online video course production as well. You don't want to devalue your expertise by putting an inferior product into the marketplace. You want to command premium prices for a professional project.

In 2016, the global e-learning market was estimated at over $150 billion. It's predicted to grow to over $241 billion by 2022. (Sources:,, and Global Industries Analysts, Inc) The predictions say that by 2019, the delivery of about 50% of all classes will be online.

It’s not surprising that people today value their time, and online classes let them fit important learning into their schedules. The flexibility of learning over the internet rather than going to physical classes is advantageous. You can attend a class from anyplace in the world, right on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
One of the driving factors for the growth of the e-learning market is the corporate landscape’s growing adoption of training solutions.

Over the last 26 years, corporate e-learning grew to a staggering 900% rate. E-learning is extremely popular with employees as it provides them training experience customized to their ability and learning speed. Learning online can improve employees’ information retention rates through e-learning’s rich and interactive media learning experience. 

Work with me to create a Premium Online Course, and let's get you into that market now.


NOTE: Not all courses produced through UThriveHere’s services will be chosen to be on the site itself and may need to be hosted elsewhere.

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