Find Your Power. To Change. And Make Change.

Unblock yourself and become a catalyst for positive transformation with the Living in Flow Course.

When you get clear, breakthroughs happen.

                                                       The Right Opportunity.

                                                       At the Right Moment. 



In the Living in Flow Course you will master tools, practices, and new ways of perceiving your life. You will recognize opportunities for change—synchronicities—that you hadn’t noticed before. You will learn techniques to neutralize the fear that holds you back and gain access to your vital power to create change in your life.

And in the world.

Because the world needs you.

Keep pedaling the bike.

Keep creating.

Keep shifting the odds.

Your garden urgently needs your attention. Where are you going to invest your power?


Life is a series of branching points.

Some branches are significant and lead to vastly different outcomes. To make it through these synchronistic gateways, we can build momentum by working on the things we care about.

How do we recognize these crucial moments?

We weren’t given a manual when we were born.

Except we were: flow is that manual.


Flow shows us how to get from here to there, whatever “there” is for you.

Through key video lessons, the Living in Flow Course will give you insights, tools and practices to make it through the next gateway, the next challenge, the next test of life.



  • Use flow to invest a sense of purpose in all your activities.


  • Use flow to heal your wounds, clear out hesitation, and find your vital power.


  • Use the LORRAX process to recognize the next small step in your path.


But is it science?

Flow. Synchronicity. Beschert. Serendipity. These are ancient principles. It is important to honor their history and the wisdom of those who have come before.

As a physicist, I strive to bring this concept into the powerful language of modern physics.

The research I have done examines the nature of light, time and space...

  • Life can be understood as timeless and spaceless, or holistic
  • Measurement is therefore a relational process
  • The effects of quantum mechanics have universal application in very explicit ways

The research is controversial, but built on a foundation of real science. New mainstream experiments are done every year which are consistent with this approach.

These ideas dig at the foundations of human knowledge.

Each proposal is carefully constructed and justified.

The secret to synchronicity? Meaningful history selection. A synchronicity is an unlikely event which becomes more likely because it leads to an experience you are seeking to have. The more meaningful outcomes are more likely.


The Apple Tree


Ready To Live In Flow?

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The Lessons:

Living in Flow

A Scientific Model of Synchronicity
How does science support synchronicity?
Meaningful and Purposeful Actions
How do I find meaningful action?  How do I see my blocks and find my inner power?
Getting into Flow with the LORRAX Process
How do I find synchronicity when I am out of flow?
Building Symbolic Momentum
How do I create synchronistic gateways to up-level my skills and get to my next level of accomplishment?
Living From the Heart
How do I make difficult decisions?
Authenticity as Flow
How do I move from fear to authenticity?
Building a Life of Flow
How do I use flow to make change?

After Taking The Living In Flow Course, You Will:

  • Be able to identify an area in which you want to feel more empowered, and what choices you can make to get yourself there.
  • Improve your capacity and willingness to express the full spectrum of your experience in order to rediscover your authentic power.
  • Recognize and respond to synchronistic gateways in your daily life to graduate to your next level of personal accomplishment.

The course will include:

  • a series of one-on-one video tutorials for you to be taken at your own pace,
  • a clear outline of learning objectives and topics for each lesson,
  • practical exercises so you can integrate what you learn,
  • audio versions of all video content so you can take it on the road wherever you go,
  • cheat sheets with the major elements you can use to live your flow,


                    Welcome to The Future.

Let me help you on your continuing journey to express and master your power to make change.

You are not in control.

     But your every choice matters.

         Your actions are urgent.

Now is the time for healed relationships, fulfilling experiences, and sustainable solutions.

                                                                   Welcome to the Future.

                                                                         Where life is flow.

Ready To Live In Flow?

Sign up for the Living in Flow Course to expand your effectiveness in your life’s work and act in alignment with your hopes and dreams.

Bonus! Live Call-ins for A Limited Time

For a limited time, Sky will host live call-in sections for early students. Talk to him about the course content and feel free to ask questions!

"After struggling for many years following domestic abuse and the loss of a family member, I was searching for peace and happiness in my life again. Sky Nelson-Isaacs’ workshop “Living in Flow” was truly a phenomenal gateway breakthrough in my healing process! Listening to and acting on events that have happened since the workshop has brought back the beginning of a return of peace and happiness to my life and a new insight into partial resolutions to my circumstances in a very short time. "

- T.M.

"Really quite brilliant, and VERY inspiring. "

- J.R.
Psychology Professor

"I feel much more positive about the possibilities in my life."

- T.V.
Unity Center of North Idaho

"Students in the workshop used Sky's tips to pursue their passions and increase their business success. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has been searching for ways to increase their personal success."

- L.V.
Adjunct Professor of Psychology and author

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