You live in a responsive cosmos. 


Stop repeating patterns that don’t work for you.


Make better choices to create the consequences that you favor.


Feel confident in your ability to change yourself.


Make lasting changes quickly.



How often do you feel compelled to react with abandon instead of respond with care? 

How often do you create unintended problems when you could be nurturing positive opportunities?

In the Living in Flow Course Membership, you will develop practices to align your emotions with your vision and recognize surprise opportunities—synchronicities—to build momentum for change in your life. You will learn techniques to neutralize the fear that holds you back and gain access to your vital power to create transformative situations.

Because the world needs you.

We need you to keep pedaling the bike

Keep creating

Keep shifting the odds.

The circumstances of life are always responding. You are providing the power to make progress, but you need to recognize relevant clues from the inside and change emotional patterns which blind you to your best way forward.

Reprogram worry

Recognize and change your automatic reactions to challenging people and experiences

Build the life momentum that you want.


Life is a series of branching points.

Some branches are significant and lead to vastly different outcomes. To make it through these synchronistic gateways, we can build momentum by working on the things we care about.

How do we recognize these crucial moments?

We weren’t given a manual when we were born.

Except we were: flow is that manual.

Through key video lessons, the Living in Flow Course will give you insights, tools and practices to make it through the next gateway, the next challenge, the next adventure.

Based on Sky Nelson-Isaacs' model of synchronicity, you'll develop tools of emotional resilience and openness. You'll discover the strength to open your heart and act more authentically. You'll gain more choice over your responses, and tools to experience flow all the time.


Are you building momentum but not sure where it's leading to?

  • Use flow to invest a sense of purpose in all your activities.

Do you get attached to the way you thought things were supposed to go?

  • Living in Flow can help you see the bigger picture you are painting and see other people as guides rather than obstacles.

Do you struggle to see the opportunities in front of you?

  • Learn to recognize the next small step in your path.


But is it science?

Flow. Synchronicity. Beschert. Serendipity. These are ancient principles. It is important to honor their history and the wisdom of those who have come before.

As a physicist, I strive to bring this concept into the powerful language of modern physics.

The theory is based on the result that nothing exists in and of itself. All real physical things are interactions or relationships. 

As a physicist, I can’t (yet) prove to you that synchronicity is real. Rather, I seek for evidence that points to this relational model, and significant evidence does exists. Three recent mainstream examples include 

My research seeks to prove that certain underlying physical principles are true. From that, the theory of meaningful history selection and the resulting synchronicities become the most reasonable picture.

These ideas dig at the foundations of human knowledge.


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The Course Content:

Living in Flow

Module: A Scientific Model of Synchronicity

Kick back and enjoy a tour through the scientific model of meaningful history selection and synchronicity. From the amazing subtlety of light traveling through space to the design of multiplayer video game communities, you'll see how the experiences you anticipate (whether positive or negative) lead to an increased chance of synchronicity.

Module: Taking Meaningful Actions

You will learn to recognize the objective meaning of your actions and choose more purposefully, in order to anticipate experiences more in alignment with what you really want.

Module: Finding Your Power

You will see how bold actions and strong or hidden emotions influence the possibilities available to you, and gain tools to use these more to your advantage.

Module: Getting into Flow with the LORRAX Process

You'll get better at finding your way back into flow by noticing the little synchronicities in your day. You'll recognize where you are already great at flow, and use that wisdom to add more flow to the areas of your life where you struggle.

Module: Building Symbolic Momentum

Gateway opportunities are available to you right now! You'll gain tools for building confidence by building momentum on the tree of possibilities and avoiding self-sabotage. You'll get practice at maintaining focus on the experience you wish to have, and just keep pedaling the bicycle!

Module: Living From the Heart

How do the heart and the head work together in living a life of synchronicity and flow? How do gratitude and boldness enrich your experience of flow? These simple and familiar tools will help you overcome fear and self-criticism to get back into flow and become more confident and compassionate.

Module: Authenticity as Flow

You will find your authentic flow that is naturally free of fear, get clear on what you really want and make space for it, and use fear to motivate you rather than hold you back.

After Taking The Living In Flow Course, You Will:

  • Be able to reprogram unproductive worrying
  • Recognize where you get in your own way and use flow skills you already have to break the pattern
  • Become aware of the momentum you are building and have the inner strength to persevere or the discernment to pivot
  • Have a practical and more personal sense of how synchronicity shows up in your life

                                        The course will include:

  • a series of one-on-one video tutorials for you to be taken at your own pace
  • a clear outline of learning objectives and topics for each lesson
  • practical exercises in every module so you can integrate what you learn
  • audio versions of all video content so you can take it on the road wherever you go
  • cheat sheets with the key takeaways from each module
  • a private facebook community for dialogue and interaction
  • periodic office hours to connect with instructor and other students


                    Welcome to The Future.

You are not in control.

     But your every choice matters.

            Your actions are urgent.

Now is the time for healed relationships, fulfilling experiences, and sustainable solutions.

                                                                   Welcome to the Future.

                                                                         Where life is flow.

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"After struggling for many years following domestic abuse and the loss of a family member, I was searching for peace and happiness in my life again. Sky Nelson-Isaacs’ workshop “Living in Flow” was truly a phenomenal gateway breakthrough in my healing process! Listening to and acting on events that have happened since the workshop has brought back the beginning of a return of peace and happiness to my life and a new insight into partial resolutions to my circumstances in a very short time. "


"This course us really unique. Sky Nelson has a very powerful approach to teach a Quantum approach to Flow way of living. I deeply appreciated every word of his Course. This is good for everyone, from layman to advanced researchers... Definitely a 5 stars product."

Giancarlo Tarozzi

"The Living in Flow Course marries the complexities of Synchronicity with its intrinsic relationship to flow in an easy to consume and enjoyable format. Instructor Sky Nelson-Isaacs provides fantastic real-life examples that help you more easily understand the science. I also like the practical exercises provided at the end of each module, which help solidify one's learning. Sky is very hands-on with this course which shows me that he genuinely cares. For me, this course is cutting edge and I highly recommend if you want to understand how life is really working. I am very grateful to have come across this work and feel more empowered to make real change now, more than ever in my life."

Rob Hough
Artist and Creator of

"I would highly recommend the Living in Flow Course if you are interested in synchronicity and creating more flow in your life. I really connect with Sky's authenticity. Unlike rote mantras of how we live in a supportive universe, the Course argues that we live in a responsive universe. That's my experience as well: we live in a universe that DOES respond but not in a "simplistic law of attraction" kind of way. This course is helping me understand synchronistic events and how to increase their chances in my own life. And I feel energized by the group of people that are part of this course. Great course, great instructor! Highly recommend!"

Ritu Kaushal
Author of "The Empath's Journey"

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